The well known film, A Life on Our Planet, is a stark reminder why sustainable toys are the future for our kids. In 1937 there was 66% of the wilderness left on earth, and in 2020 there was only 35%. But not all hope is not lost. We are so lucky to now have more sustainable toys than ever before. This means we can each do our part to save our planet.


What does it mean?

So what does it mean for a toy to be sustainable? Many don’t know that it’s a lot more than just being made from recycled parts. It also means the toy:

  • Is made without producing greenhouse gases
  • Does not pollute the earth after use
  • Is made from natural materials that can be renewed
  • Is made using minimal water and transportation
  • Poses no risk to animal or human health at any stage


How sustainable toys make a difference

Sustainable toys are made for kids with their futures in mind. We need to give the next generation a healthier world. This starts by making sustainable choices now. While lower prices might be tempting, its worth considering the impacts. Paying those extra few dollars for a product that doesn’t lend to deforestation is the right choice.


Le Toy Van Dinner Set


For example, Le Toy Van make toys by reusing rubberwood trees. These trees are otherwise burned after they are harvested for their latex. This release harmful carbon into the air. Rather than burning them, the wood can actually be made into durable toys. Toys made with recycled parts are also great. This fidget toy is made from 90% recycled paper.


Project Genius Jacob’s Ladder


Sustainable toys for kids

There is now a heading for our sustainable toys. It include big brands such as PlanToys, Le Toy Van, Mudpuppy and Project Genius. You can view our range of sustainable toys here.

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