ThinkFun Solitaire Chess Game

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ThinkFun Solitaire Chess Game

BRAND: ThinkFun
AGE: 8+ years

You don't have to know chess to be a master of this addictive ThinkFun Solitaire Chess Game! There is a strategic twist on this timeless classic.
The rules in Solitaire Chess are simple. First set up the chess pieces on the board according to instructions from one of the 60 challenge cards. Then proceed to capture and eliminate all but one piece using only moves allowed in traditional chess. You must capture a piece with every move, so this logic game is fast-paced and always exciting!
Welcome to Solitaire Chess, the single-player logic game that uses the rules of chess in simplified form to create a diabolical brainteaser challenge!
ThinkFun Solitaire Chess Game Includes 30 Double-Sided Challenge Cards (60 Challenges), 4 Levels of Play from Beginner to Expert, a Chessboard with Storage Drawer for Easy Cleanup and Movement Rules, Hints, and Step-By-Step Solutions.
Recommended for children ages 8 years and older.


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