A Penny For Your Thoughts (The Game)

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ITEM: A Penny For Your Thoughts (The Game)

A Penny For Your Thoughts (The Game) is a gentle, structured and beautifully engaging approach to explore challenges and emotions with children, kids and teens. It's the perfect survival kit for kids and parents. Try it out today!

ABOUT THE GAME: These beautiful, hand-illustrated communication cards will bring new connection to your relationships with children and tweens. These cards help kids identify and talk about their feelings/experiences and teach skills that build confidence, help solve problems, and increase emotional connection.  Kids identify how they feel, who's involved, where something happened, and skills they can use to cope with challenging situations and big feelings.  Great for parents, grandparents, counsellors, teachers, psychologists, and more! Includes 80 hand-illustrated cards and one die.
Includes 80 hand-illustrated cards and one die.

The game helps kids boost their confidence, solve problems, and talk about what matters most. This playful card game is designed to increase connection between kids and adults, help kids identify feelings and share their experiences, and teach them skills to manage emotions and make good decisions.

BRAND: A Penny For Your Thoughts

AGE: Pre-school (4 – 5 years), Primary (6 – 10 years), Tweens (10 – 12), Teens (13+)


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