Miniland Math Turtles

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Miniland Math Turtles

BRAND: MiniLand
AGE:  2+ years

This game using friendly colourful turtles and the goal is to arrange the turtles in set patterns and sequences on the worksheets. Help to develop your child's spatial orientation, observation, association, manipulation, counting, sorting, sequencing, as well as develop memory and recognition skills as well as fine motor skills.

This is a game which teaches children how to differentiate between colours, spatial orientation and notions of topology. The activities cards cover a series of exercises to help children identify the orientation and colour of the turtles by placing the plastic figures in the correct position. Each card features two levels of difficulty. The turtles can also be connected together if required and they can be arranged in a 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional space by stacking them on top of each other.

This set includes 20 Turtles in 4 different colours, 18 activities cards, and a guide.

Recommended for children 2-5 years.


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