Miniland Magnetic Lower Case Letters

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Miniland Magnetic Lowercase Letters

BRAND: MiniLand
AGE:  3+ years

These gorgeous magnetic lowercase letters are perfect for developing phonological awareness for children both with and without Dyslexia. With the added attraction of magnetism and bright colours, the recognition of each letter, alphabetical order and the forming the first basic words is made easy. A fun way to introduce children to reading, through the recognition of each letter. The magnetism gives the game an added value and favours auto-didactic processes and eye-hand co-ordination. Any metallic base, such as a fridge door becomes a play area.

A classic teaching tool, these brightly coloured lowercase magnetic letters.

Complete assortment of vowels and consonants are extremely useful for the recognising of graphs and the formation of words.

This box contains 62 pieces, approximately 32 mm.

Recommended for children 3 – 6 years.

Tip for making the most out of your educational toys at home:

Use the magnetic letters and put a word on the refrigerator, like "cat" or "top" or "bake." Then, any time you're in the kitchen and your child or children wander in, have a quick rhyme game.

Depending on the age and abilities of the child, say:

  • How many words can you create that rhyme with the word on the fridge?
  • Let's say all of the rhyme words together.
  • Now you choose a starting word, and I'll rhyme with yours.
  • Let's make some sentences using as many of those rhyme words as we can.

Making solid comparisons like this and isolating individual sounds this way is a great way of developing phonological awareness for little ears.


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