Miniland Hands for Counting and Threading

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Miniland Hands for Counting and Threading

BRAND: MiniLand
AGE:  3+ years

This Miniland Hands for Counting and Threading is a great activity that helps little ones differentiate from the left and right hands while also learning to count thanks to the numbers represented by the fingers. The corresponding number of dots is also shown on the plastic hands, which can be threaded with the supplied laces, extending the activity and helping to develop motor skills.

Fun Counting and threading aptitude game that will help with shape and colour recognition (right and left hands included). Build your child’s attention and concentration span which aids in the development of reading and writing skills.

Each hand has a number in relief which is the same as the number of fingers and the number of holes in the hand. The box contains 3 sets of counting hands in different colours (red, blue and yellow). Each set of hands has six left hands and six right hands with the different number of holes for threading and fingers held up for counting. The set also contains work cards with different counting and threading activities as well as 4 laces of different colours.

Recommended for children 3 – 6 years.


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