Miniland Aptitude Activity ABC 123 Suitcase

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Miniland Aptitude Activity ABC 123 Suitcase

BRAND: MiniLand

AGE:  3+ years

DEVELOPS: Fine motor skills, visual spatial skills, counting and calculation, alphabetic knowledge


This Activity Set is perfect for threading and learning letters and numbers all at once. Kids can thread the multi-coloured Alphabet and Number Cards, spell-out words in 5 different languages and practice counting.

Capital letters and numbers templates made of solid and soft plastic. They include indications for the correct direction of the stroke. Essential for children to develop early learning, writing and small motor skills.

Rated as qualified product for Special Needs children.

Contents 27 letters, 10 numbers, 20 activity cards and 10 cords

Recommended for children 3 – 6 years.


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