Miniland Abacus with Shapes

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Miniland Abacus with Shapes

BRAND: MiniLand
AGE:  3+ years

There are just so many combinations in this activity set. The Miniland Abacus provides hours of fun and intriguing stacking, sorting and pre-math activities for children. Develop logical and mathematical reasoning, improve attention span and practice manual dexterity with this plastic 5-post abacus with various coloured discs and 24 activities for sorting, stacking and counting.

Accompanied by fun and interesting activities to develop identification and differentiation from an early age. This toy supports both physical and intellectual development such as improved attention, dexterity and logical reasoning.

This box contains 100 coloured shapes, 24 activity cards and an abacus.

Recommended for children 3 – 6 years.


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