Melissa and Doug Butterfly And Hearts Stamp Set

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Melissa and Doug Butterfly And Hearts Stamp Set

BRAND: Melissa and Doug
AGE:  4+ years

Kids who love arts and crafts will be inspired by the beautifully detailed butterfly and heart stamps nestled into a sturdy wooden box. These 10 themed stamps are made up of beautifully detailed butterflies and hearts. Use them with the double colour ink pad – pink and purple, to create pictures and works of art.

Ways to Play:
  • Ask the child to identify the image on each stamp.

  • Ask the child to place the stamps in a row, counting them as he/she lines them up.

  • Ask the child to draw a landscape or environment and stamp an image into the scene.

  • Place the stamps in a row and have the child memorize their order, then close his/her eyes. Remove one stamp, and ask the child to guess which stamp was removed.

Recommended for children 4 years and older.


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