Djeco Glitter Butterflies

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ITEM: Glitter Butterflies – Djeco
AGE: Primary (6 – 10 years), Tweens (10 – 12 years)

Children can bring these images to sparkling life with this art and craft kit of Glitter Butterflies by Djeco.

Using the supplied tool, peel up the numbered section as per the instructions. Simply peel away the covering on each board, piece by piece, to reveal the sticky surface, ready for you to sprinkle with glitter. The peeled off sections reveal an adhesive ready for the glitter. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue and brush away the excess into the packaging box, the glitter can then be sifted back into the tube ready for the next card. The instruction booklet indicates which number and colour is next. There’s no fuss or mess, as you can complete the whole activity inside the cleverly designed box, pouring the excess glitter back into its tube through a small hole in one corner.

Contents: 4 pre-glued cards (15cm x 21cm), 6 tubes of glitter, a tool, a brush, and a step by step booklet.

Recommended for children 8 – 12 years.

Djeco’s Story

Founded in 1954, by Véronique Michel-Dalès, she created her small company in a time when few women embarked on adventures of this kind. Since the start of their adventure, their games have been translated into many languages for children across the world. And they are constantly proud and astounded that children in over 60 countries play with their toys! Their toys are distributed in wonderful specialist shops around the world that are in tune with their company and their values. A range of prestigious museums also chooses to sell Djeco’s toys including the Louvre and Quai Branly in France, the Tate in the United Kingdom, MoMA in the United States and others in Germany, Denmark, and many more.


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