Djeco Friends Lace-up Cards

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Djeco Friends Lace-up Cards

AGE: 3+ years

This Djeco Friends Lace-up Cards is based on traditional lacing card toys for preschool children to introduce sewing with a needle – ideal for developing hand to eye co-ordination and a beautiful way to learn to stitch!

Children can learn to thread a needle and do some “stitching” or lacing with this delightful Friends Lace-up card set by Djeco. Create pretty designs on beautiful illustrated picture cards that has a colourful picture on it and all you need to do is fill in some of the detail… lace some of the pretty wool through the holes to finish it off.

This Djeco Friends Lace-up Cards set contains 4 pierced cards (20cm x 20cm), 4 hanks of wool, round ended needle, 2 needle threaders, and a step by step booklet. The kit comes with illustrated cards with pierced holes to thread the different coloured wool. The threaded wool creates the missing details to complete the picture.

These Friends Lace-up Card activity set encourages patience and dexterity and is perfect for younger kids. These cards is a fun and easy first sewing activity for younger children, making it a great gift.

Recommended for children aged 3-6 years.

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