Djeco Elephant Snail Mosaic

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Djeco Elephant Snail Mosaic

AGE: 4+ years

This bright and creative Djeco Elephant and Snail Mosaic craft set will provide hours of fun!

Typically Djeco, great quality, bright interesting designs and kids just love them. If your youngster can recognise colours and numbers before the age of five then they should be able to enjoy the art of mosaics as well. Great for developing motor skills too!

This is an art by numbers style craft set will provide hours of  fun and all that you require is in this cardboard envelope, with two mosaics to complete. This beautiful mosaic craft set uses tiny squares of adhesive foam to create fun pictures and this set contains 2 models and 1 booklet. Children follow the easy-to-understand instructions and create beautiful mosaics with the supplied adhesive foam squares. The foam mosaic tiles measures approximately 6.5mm x 6.5mm.

Recommended for children 4-8 years.


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