ITEM: Outer Space Memory Match Game
MANUFACTURED: Australian Made
AGE:  Pre-school (4 – 5 Years) & Primary (6-10)

This 20 piece memory match game is Australian made by Brisbane-based brand, My Little Set. The set is handcrafted from wood and themed with a variety of outer space items and places.

To play, simply turn all the discs facedown and flip them 2 at a time trying to find a matching pair. If you don't find a matching pair, turn them back over and try again. Once you have flipped all of the discs, you win! This game is perfect for testing and improving kids memories, planning and visualisation. You can also use this set to retell the story.

Each set comes in a neat drawstring bag, stamped and named calico.

Each disc is made from timber and is 5cm wide.

This game is suitable for children of 3+ years.

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