Rafi Soft Doll | Small

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MiniMondos Rafi Small Soft Doll

BRAND: MiniMondos
AGE:  3+ years

Meet Rafi, he is a mini spiritual oracle. A child possessed of endless wisdom, knowledge and hope, while maintaining an aura of spiritual cool. His friends are amazed that this little guy knows so much! But he does have some outlandish theories, like insisting on wearing his flip-flops everywhere so his toes are liberated….

Educational, beautifully crafted and cheeky, these dolls, bring personality to the experience of play and encourage children to embrace individuality in a fun way. Dolls have the tendency to trigger emotions, and this rings true especially for the Minimondos Rafi doll. He  has such a distinctive look, clothes and amusing little personality, allowing kids to develop empathy and tolerance!

He is soft and cuddly, and makes a perfect bedtime buddy and companion. Constructed using the finest materials and techniques, the body of each doll is made with 100% cotton, the clothes are a combination of cotton and polyester fabrics and the dolls are carefully filled with a high quality synthetic fibre.

As with all the Minimondos, the Minimondos Rafi doll has passed or exceeded international toy safety standards specifically the U.S. (ASTMF963), Europe (EN71) and Australia & New Zealand (AS/NZS ISO 8124).

Recommended for children 3 years and older.

Care: Surface Wash Only

Height: Stands 20 cm (8”) High


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