Bedroom Puzzle Set

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ITEM: Bedroom Puzzle Set – MiniMondos
BRAND: MiniMondos
AGE:  Toddler (1 – 3 years), Pre-school (4 – 5 years)

Introducing the Bedroom Puzzle set by MiniMondos! Keep active minds and fidgeting hands busy with these beautifully illustrated puzzles. Crafted with the highest quality materials and construction, these puzzles are fun, educational, skill building, challenging and entertaining. This puzzle contains 25 pieces and it measures approximately 40 x 30 cm when completed.

These beautiful illustrated Minimondos puzzles and their boxes are made from thick high grade card. They are finished with a high quality matt finish that creates a beautiful look and a convenient easy clean surface that can just be wiped off. Minimondos puzzles are packaged in perfectly designed book style boxes with magnet closures and elastic to secure the contents.

The world of Minimondos celebrates individuality and brings together imagination, fun and stylish design to a child’s toy shelf. They bring personality to the experience of play. Each Minimondos character has a distinctive, cheeky personality; a unique sense of style and expression; and a diverse heritage, to encourage children to embrace their own, and each other’s individuality in a fun way. Minimondos products are beatifully designed with care and style. Using a sophisticated colour palette of warm greys and blues, a range of wonderful illustrations and high quality matt finishes and textiles, they are crafted apart visually from the rest of the industry.

As with all Minimondos products theses puzzles have all passed or exceeded international toy safety standards specifically the U.S. (ASTMF963), Europe (EN71) and Australia & New Zealand (AS/NZS ISO 8124).

Warning! Not suitable for children under 2 years.

Recommended for children 3 – 5 years and older.


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