HABA Doctor Play Set

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HABA Doctor Play Set

AGE:  2+ years

Oh dear, teddy has a sore tummy! Quickly fetch the HABA Doctor Play Set!

Your little one can now help cure his or her sick friends with this cute medical set. With all sorts of accessories in one handy doctor case, it's perfect for house calls. Open the sturdy cardboard case to find soft and plush instruments made from velour, cotton and polyester. Instruments include a prescription book, surgical mask stethoscope, blood pressure gauge and a bandage.

The kit brings pretend play to life while inspiring future doctors and nurses! Pretend play is great for supporting language and social-emotional development. It's full of social interactions (with real or toy patients) and kids put themselves in other's shoes to learn empathy whilst embracing their creativity! Playing with the tools in the medical kit also builds kids' vocabularies by exposing them to new words and phrases.

Recommended for children aged 2 years and older.


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