K’s Kids Travelling Inchworm

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ITEM: Travelling Inchworm K’s Kids
BRAND: K’s Kids 
AGE:  Infancy and Early Childhood

Baby can now bring this travelling inchworm by K’s Kids along wherever they go! This new inchworm has the same soft body as the original, but in addition has six squeaky feet, two teethers, a mirror, lots of different textures to discover and can even be conveniently attached to any pram! Great for physical (senses, gross and fine motor), cognitive (logic, creativity, linguistics) and social (emotion, communication, self-esteem) development!

For over 20 years K’s Kids have developed TOYS that provide developmental benefits to kids in their early childhood. The industry has recognized their effort by granting them 100 international awards. K’s Kids toys are NOT JUST TOYS but developmental tools for the young masters. They have developed a LEARNING TRIANGLE to explain the benefits of each of their toys. K’s Kids have established a PARENTS SUPPORT CENTER as a platform for parents to come and understand the goodies and function of their toys and how to make use of them to develop their kids.

K’s Kids believe that the world will be better if our next generation grows up with love and care.

Dimensions: 9.5 x 12 x 30cm

Recommended for children 3 years and older.


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