ITEM: ThinkFun HypnoGraph
CATEGORY: Planning an Visualisation, Fine Motor, MathematicsCrafts and Art
AGES: All AgesPrimary (6 – 10 years), Tweens (10 – 12 years), Teens (13+)

Create complex epicycloid drawing with ThinkFun's HypnoGraph, a marvelous drawing machine! Easy to use and fascinating to watch, the machine creates an infinite variety of drawings consisting of beautiful repeating curves. Fully adjustable parts can be configured differently to create drawings using the 13 interchangeable gears of varying sizes. Create drawings using our guided setups, or rearange the gears to design something completley unique.


  • 1 HypnoGraph Base
  • 1 Geared Turntable
  • 13 Responsitionable Gears
  • 1 T-Arm
  • Gear Crank Handle & Connector Parts
  • Instruction Manual with Drawing Setups
  • Pen Holder & 1 Fine-tup Drawing Pen
  • 20 Paper Discs

Not sutabe for children under 3 years.


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