Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Toy

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ITEM: Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow Toy
MANUFACTURED: Australian Made
AGE:  Primary (6 – 10 Years)
SPECS: Bow – 44cm long, 11.5cm wide and 3x Arrows – 40cm long, 2.5cm ‘arrowhead’

This beautiful handmade wooden bow and arrow toy set has been handcrafted in Tasmania, Australia. The wild kids wooden bow and arrow is easy to use and designed for children from ages 4 and above. The arrows fly smoothly through the air and can travel up to 20 metres. The arrowheads are made out of soft felt balls so they can be used inside or outside. This set is not just fun for your children, but is also perfect for harnessing your child’s imagination – through pretend play that enhances focus and coordination.

The kids wooden bow and arrow toy set is coated in a mix of beeswax and coconut oil, for a non-toxic finish. Hand crafted from 100% Australian wood. Each arrow has a small groove which makes it easy to line up with the elastic of the bow, to provide ‘little archers’ stability and simplicity when shooting. It really is just pick up and play; you and your child will be hitting bullseyes after just a few minutes of practice. The set includes a wooden bow (44cm long, 11.5cm wide) and a total of three arrows (each 40cm long with a 2.5cm soft ‘arrowhead’) in assorted colours.


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