HABA Terra Kids Microscope

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HABA Terra Kids Microscope

AGE: 4 years and older

For all our budding biologists, this is the perfect set to get started when discovering our world in miniature.

This is an exceptionally good portable microscope, designed by HABA with children firmly in mind.

The set includes a plastic tweezers, 4 capped vials for collecting samples, 2 slides with already made bug and textile samples to investigate and one blank slide to create your own samples. Don’t forget the microscope! Made in a compact, hand held design, the scope has a 40 X magnification which can be focused with a dial at the side. To help you see, there is also a LED light attached, which requires 2 AA batteries. If daylight is poor, just open the green battery compartment flap and the LEDs will start shining.

To carry the whole set, there is also a case included, which has a carabineer attached to allow you to clip the set to your belt or pack.

Recommended For Kids 4 Years And Older


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