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ITEM: Mobile Phone Toy – TOLO
AGE: Infancy and Early Childhood

Your baby’s ready for their first phone! Not really… But this Mobile Phone Toy by TOLO will certainly do the trick!

Spinning drum, clicking switch, squeaky numbers! Clicking red ariel, revolving happy face ball.

The suction cup at the base of this colorful plastic phone attaches to any smooth surface, or detach it from the base for take-along fun. The phone’s activities include a spinning wheel, bright beads, squeaking buttons, and a spinning happy face. Teaches fine motor and developmental skills.

Play guide for 6 month old baby:

  • Encourage your little one to explore the toy and its moving, squeaking, spinning and clicking parts.
  • If he or she doesn’t discover these alone, demonstrate some of the more hidden features – such as the clicking red aerial.
  • Show your infant how to store the phone in its handy suction cup holder.
  • Help your child’s language development by encouraging them to talk on the phone – just like Mummy and Daddy.
  • Praise any efforts at role playing and imitation – role play will become an important developmental play tool and your child will be able to role play more effectively when a little bit older.

Recommended for children 6+ months and older.


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