A Box of Big Money

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A Box of Big Money

BRAND: Young Educational Supplies
AGE:  3+ years

Turn what your child loves doing into an educational experience! All children love to play pretend shops or cafes. I have been asked (almost told) to join in this activity endless times. A play store is more than just fun, it is a way that your child exercises imagination. Commerce is a large part of our how our world works and children can begin to understand its basics.

Naturally, young children do not understand the value of individual coins or notes. When asked to choose between a $2 coins or a 50c coin children invariably pick the larger sized coin as they one they want. Even though they won’t fully understand the values of money until older, they can begin to learn the names of the coins and notes. Use this play money set as a means of opening discussion about money with your child. The coins also have simplified embossed versions of real coin pictures and lend themselves to crayon rubbing. There are plenty of ideas of how to use coin rubbing activities to help your child learn about the alphabet and numbers or just how to make fun pictures!

Includes: 20 Australian notes and 84 coins.

Recommended for children 3 years and older.


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