Every child learns at different speeds and has different strengths and weaknesses. It’s important when choosing an educational toy that you keep in mind what areas your child needs the most help and development in. Here are our recommendations on the best educational toys for kids across 10 different learning areas:


Tender Leaf Ladybug Teaching Clock

Our recommendation for the best educational toys that teach time is the Tender Leaf Ladybug Teaching Clock. This clock helps children to learn to tell the time and also understand how it works. Mount it on their wall to help teach them time and number recognition, using dots, numbers and magnets.

Reading and Spelling

ThinkFun Zingo! Word Builder Game

ThinkFun Zingo! World Builder builds reading, spelling and vocabulary skills through an easy to learn Bingo game. It has two levels of play, so it can challenge beginner and more experienced readers and writers alike.


Aussie Animals Memory Match

This 20 piece Aussie Animals Memory Match game is perfect for improving little memories, planning and visualisation. The set is handcrafted in Australia and features a variety of native Australian animals – which makes it great for learning and telling stories too!


Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow

This Handmade Wooden Bow and Arrow is handcrafted in Tasmania and is great for practicing coordination and dexterity. The arrowheads are soft felt balls, so they can be used indoors and outdoors, and they are really easy to pick up and play. With a bit of practice your child will be impressing their friends with their bullseye hitting skills!


Djeco Abacus

It’s probably no surprise that we a recommending an abacus as our top listing for the best educational toys for numbers. But this Abacus by Djeco is a hands-on way to not only learn about math, addition and numbers, but also tests colours, shapes and sorting at the same time. With activity cards to inspire your child to start counting, this is one sure way to make learning numbers fun!


Bigjigs Dinosaur Railway Set

The Bigjigs Dinosaur Railway Set is an ideal first train set for budding railway enthusiast! Trains are a great way to encourage creative thinking and imagination, allowing kids to construct a railway how they like with an exciting dinosaur theme.


Djeco 12 Toddler Flower Crayons

These 12 Toddler Flower Crayons by Djeco are easy to hold for toddlers and are the perfect start to their artistic journey. Pens and paintbrushes can be difficult to use for little hands, so these fun shapes are a great way to practice hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.


Djeco Friends Lace-up Cards

Djeco’s Friends Lace-up Cards are a great way for preschool aged children to learn lacing and develop their hand to eye coordination. With four designs, four hanks of wool and a step by step booklet, these lace-up cards encourage patience and dexterity while teaching the basics of sewing to younger children.


Djeco Dinosaurs Origami

Teach your child the ancient Japanese art of paper folding, with this set of Dinosaur Origami by Djeco. Origami is a great way to inspire creativity in children while improving their dexterity, with difficulty levels for everyone. The set includes 3 copies of each dinosaur, so your child can perfect their folding before moving on.


Folkmanis Puppets

These Folkmanis Puppets are ideal for practicing stage, theater, storytelling and role playing skills. Pick up a pair of them for yourself and your child and see where their imagination goes!

Need a personalised recommendation from one of our psychologists? Contact us and we’ll help connect your child with the right toy for their developmental needs. Looking for more educational toys, shop on our online store!

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